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The University Of South Florida Coastal Research Lab conducts research on the coastal processes of the Gulf of Mexico and other areas.

Much of the work being undertaken at the Coastal Research Lab (CRL) is focused on three key areas of coastal geology: the process-response systems of beaches, inlets, and tidal sand bodies; coastal sediment transport processes and prediction; and the Holocene history and development of various coastal environments including barrier-island, tidal flat, and deltaic systems.

Our research includes both field- and laboratory-oriented efforts. Field research projects are primarily concentrated on the west coast of Florida, with some projects encompassing areas of Florida's east coast, the Florida panhandle, the Florida Keys, the southwest Florida shallow shelf, and Puerto Rico. Internationally, Dr. Davis is conducting research in the North Sea, the German and Danish Wadden Seas, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. Dr. Wang is conducting collaborative research in the Yangtze delta and the Yellow River delta (China). The focus of the deltaic study in China includes 1) processes and preservation of tidal flat sedimentation, and 2) erosion along the delta coasts induced by intensive human activities.

Our laboratory-oriented research is conducted in collaboration with the U.S Army Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This research utilizes the recently established Large-scale Sediment Transport Facility housed at ERDC. Through the collection and analysis of detailed data in a well-controlled laboratory environment at a near proto-type scale, this research is aimed at 1) improving our understand of nearshore sediment transport processes, 2) refining our methods on the prediction of nearshore sand transport rate, and 3) quantifying the evolution of nearshore morphology
. The USF Coastal Research Lab is investigating the impact of multiple hurricanes in 2004 and 2005 along the NW Florida panhandle area and the recovery of the beaches and coastal zones. This research project started one day before Hurricane Ivan made landfall and is currently on going.



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